Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy mini 2 - GT-S6500D

It seems that my last post (one year ago - shame on me for not writing anything meanwhile) helped many people to unlock their phones for free. So I decided to write a new post about unlocking phones for FREE. This time it's about Samsung Galaxy mini 2 or GT-S6500D. As far as I read the next method can be applied also for model GT-6500.

First of all I have to mention that the following unlocking steps are not mine, I just found them on a forum (see resources at the bottom of the post) and I tried to make them simpler and readable. I test the following steps on my phone and it worked.

Note: I am, in anyway, not responsible for whatever may happen to your phone, but I am sure it works to unlock Samsung GT-S6500D because I have tested myself.

So here are the steps:

1. Initial conditions on my personal test (the unlocking is working for many other various conditions):
 - The phone was locked in Vodafone (Romania)
 - The phone was not rooted
 - The phone had installed Android ver 2.3.6 (Gingerbread)
 - The phone had no sim inserted

2. Check if the phone is actually locked:
2.1. Open the Keypad (Dialer) and type the service code number: *#7465625#
2.2. There will be displayed some information about the phone. Look for "Network Lock". If it is set [ON] the phone is locked.

3. Unlock the phone:
3.1. Open the Keypad (Dialer) and type the service code number: *#197328640#
3.2. A menu will appear. Select (touch the screen) option [1] DEBUG SCREEN
3.3. From the submenu select [8] PHONE CONTROL
3.4. Then select [6] NETWORK LOCK
3.5. Finally select [4] NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALIZE
3.6. After the last select you may have to wait 1, 2 minutes to unfreeze the screen
3.7. After 1, 2 min you can exit the menu and restart the phone

4. Enjoy the unlocked phone
4.1. After restart you may check if the phone is now unlocked by opening the Keypad and typing the first code again: *#7465625#
4.2. Now you should see that the Network Lock is set on [OFF]
4.3. You can now turn the phone off, enter a sim from another network, start the phone and see if it's working.

If you have a different Samsung phone model you may take a look at the following link:
They claim that they successfully unlock for free models as Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570, Ace S5830, Gio S5660, Pop i559, 5 i5500, Fit S5670